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Winter and Gypsy Moth

By gail

Winter Moth caterpillars hatched two to three weeks ago and have been quietly turning the young leaves of their favorite trees into Swiss cheese. The caterpillars are now getting to the size where the damage will increase very quickly. Gypsy Moth caterpillars began hatching this past week in East Sandwich. They are still very young […]

Winter Damage to Your Lawn and Beds, and What can be Done About It

By A Landscape Professional

As the snow departs this spring, many lawns will show damage that occurred during the winter. The most common problem we see at this time is uneven ground. Low spots hinder drainage, allowing water to collect, while high spots are an invitation for mower damage (scalping). Both of these create poor growing conditions for turf

Important if you have IMPATIENS in your garden!!

By A Landscape Professional

From the Umass Extension website: Impatiens downy mildew was diagnosed on Impatiens (walleriana) in landscapes in Massachusetts for the first time in 2011 and has been diagnosed again in 2012. Symptoms vary from slightly off color foliage (slight yellowing) and slight wilting/curling down of foliage to nearly total leaf loss. If the disease continues to […]

Summer Stress On Your Lawn

By A Landscape Professional

Summer is a stressful time for home lawns. High temperatures and lack of moisture can cause even irrigated lawns to go dormant. Adjusting your mowing height is the most important practice to prepare your lawn for hot weather. Mow at heights around three inches or slightly higher. Lawns maintained at higher heights develop deeper roots […]

With Spring Rain Comes Red Thread

By A Landscape Professional

Red Thread (Laetisaria fuciformis) is a foliar disease that usually occurs on turf grasses during the spring and fall, in periods of cool moist weather. When viewed from a distance red thread appears as irregular patches of red, pink or tan turf. Closer inspection of the grass blades will reveal thread like gelatinous structures produced […]

Landscape Message

By A Landscape Professional

Here is the most recent landscape message from our friends at UMass Extension.  The talks about the recent weather as well as various pests you may see in your yard.  It is broken up by region so find which region you are located in! Enjoy! Cape Cod Region  – General Conditions: Overall, this reporting period […]

Most Recent UMass Landscape Message

By A Landscape Professional

  We here at Hoxie are always scouring the internet to find the best articles to share with our friends.  This is one that we think is particularly helpful and informative regarding the mild winter we had this season!  It is broken down depending on where you live or where you are interested in – […]

It’s Not Easy Being Green – The Story of Nature Guard

By A Landscape Professional

IT’S NOT EASY BEING GREEN: The story of Nature Guard Written By: Bob Hoxie Just Plain Old Green: Being in the tree and landscape business my entire life, I’ve had a unique connection to the word green. I have watched the word evolve. The definition and symbolic significance has changed many times in the past […]

Spring Wake-up

By A Landscape Professional

The calendar says winter but it sure feels like spring. It has been a very mild and atypically snowless winter for our area. Baring an unlikely late cold snap, our landscapes will be starting to escape from their yearly dormant season soon. The soil temperatures are several degrees higher than normal as are the water […]

What Will This Mild Winter Mean For My Landscape?

By A Landscape Professional

It’s always tough to tell exactly what will happen, but here are a few quick thoughts and observations: Spring bulbs that have pushed up early should be fine. They are typically very cold hardy. There may be some minor damage to the flowers, but no damage to the plant.  I have seen some spring flowering […]