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Tree Damage Caused by Snow and Ice

Extreme winter weather can cause a great deal of damage to prized trees and shrubs within your landscape. Extended periods of cold can damage flower buds and even kill foliage on evergreens. Disappointing for sure but not devastating.

The combination of heavy wet snow and high wind can result in extensive tree damage ranging from broken limbs to complete structural failure. This can cause damage to property, knockout power and present a very dangerous situation requiring quick response by a skilled crew.

storm damage

The Arborists at Hoxie Landscape Services have extensive training and experience removing hazardous trees. Our 60’ bucket truck can safely reach and remove dangerous limbs and whole trees quickly and efficiently.

It is important to know who you are dealing with when hiring a company to handle storm related tree damage. Don’t let one disaster turn into another by hiring the wrong people or company in a time of crisis.

Hoxie landscape Services Inc. has been providing expert tree and landscape care since 1986.

Training, Experience, Equipment, Insurance = Peace of Mind for you


Tree Pruning

There are many reasons to take care of your trees. Healthy, well-shaped trees and shrubs add immeasurably to the beauty of your property. It’s no secret that they can also add to the value of your home.

Issues to consider begin with the baseline condition of your trees today. Insufficient moisture or sunlight, insects and disease, compacted or poor soil and crowding threaten the health of your trees. A healthy well pruned tree translates into a safe tree, resistant to catastrophic damage from wind and ice storms. Our certified arborists can identify problems and recommend remedies.

Corrective pruning and shaping may be indicated to enhance the health or appearance of a tree or shrub. This is often the case with shrubs that have been improperly shaped for ornamental effects.

Hoxie Landscape Services has three certified arborists on staff with many years of experience. We will provide you with clear explanations and multiple options for the best way to manage your valued trees and shrubs. We guarantee our work unconditionally.


Shrub Pruning

At Hoxie Landscape Services, we believe that natural pruning is best for most applications. We hand prune to open up the canopy to reveal the branching within the shrub. This creates a very attractive three dimensional view and also promotes regeneration of growth from within. Natural looking shrubs are more appealing than sheared shrubs and will perform much better and stay relevant and attractive for much longer in your landscape. After all, it is hard to improve on nature’s own design.

This is an example of someone who needed to replace all shrubs in front of their house – Don’t let this happen to your landscape!

The art of proper pruning lies in knowing how to accommodate the plant’s natural growth habit with whatever aesthetic or space restrictions demanded by the site. Shrubs that have been damaged by improper shearing may need to be replaced; however, a highly trained specialist may be able to renovate the plant over a few years and avoid the cost of replacement.




Plant Health Care for Trees and Shrubs

Based on an examination of the ornamental trees and shrubs on your property, the key plants and potential pests are identified, and a program is formulated to monitor conditions and correct problems as needed.


An important aspect of a plant health care program is to improve growing conditions for the plant so that the plant will be healthy and better able to defend itself against attack from insects and disease. For one plant, or an entire landscape, the approach is the same: inventory plants, identify problems or potential risks, and develop a management strategy that will correct or eliminate adverse conditions leading to poor performance.

A Nature Guard Certified technician will come to your house and do an evaluation.  From there, they will decide what kind of program you will need – number of services, timeliness of services, and if any services may need to be added during the year.  A typical program will include about 6 to 8 Plant Health Care Inspection Visits during the growing season.

The following services are the most common pre-arranged treatments in a health care program:

Horticultural Oil Applications:  A non-toxic oil and water mixture that is sprayed onto the leaves and bark of a tree to treat insects

Foliar Sprays:  A highly nutritional liquid fertilizer that is sprayed directly onto the leaves of the plant to promote health

Winter Protection:  Winter protection is done by applying 3 to 4 Anti-Desiccant Sprays throughout the winter, usually between December and March.  These sprays help to retard moisture loss and lessen winter damage often seen in the spring

Borer Treatment: Protective coating of a pesticide is applied to bark of susceptible trees or shrubs

Deep-Root Fertilization:  An organic liquid is injected into the root zone of trees and shrubs to promote healthy root growth and improve vigor

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